Linda Larkin is the speaking voice of Princess Jasmine in Walt Disney’s  classic animated feature film, Aladdin.  

Ms. Larkin can also be heard as Princess Jasmine in the critically acclaimed Kingdom Hearts video game series, Disney Junior’s Sofia the First, and Walt Disney Studios’ animated feature Ralph Breaks the Internet.

From read-along story books, Jasmine toys, and interactive educational tools, to Disney on Ice and Tokyo Disney’s Aladdin theme park attraction, Ms. Larkin’s voice can be heard wherever Princess Jasmine appears.


Ms. Larkin has provided the voice for Princess Jasmine in every Aladdin sequel and spin-off, including The Return of Jafar, Aladdin and The King of Thieves, and the Emmy-nominated 100-episode Aladdin television series.


In 2011, Ms. Larkin was honored with the Disney Legends Award, recognizing her for her extraordinary and integral contribution to The Walt Disney Company.